Lost Creek Campground lies directly across the lake from the Chuck Swann Wildlife Management Area which occupies 24,444 acres between the Powell and Clinch rivers on the east shores of Norris Lake. TWRA and the Tennessee division of Forestry (TDF) both manage the area. Big game in the area includes whitetail deer and wild turkey. Chuck Swan is greatly used by bank fishermen due to easy access to the lake. The non-consumptive users such as hikers, ATV riders, mountain bike riders, horseback riders, wildlife photographers, and bird watchers also heavily utilize the area.

Lake Norris is a great place for fishing, boating, swimming, and other water sports. Nestled between East Tennessee ridges, Norris Lake points the way to Cumberland Gap and the historic wilderness trail marked by Daniel Boone. Two small wild areas on Norris Lake provide visitors with a mini wilderness experience. River bluff features spring and summer wildflowers and a three mile hiking trail. Hemlock bluff presents spectacular views across Norris Lake from high tree covered bluffs. Museums, scenic hiking trails, and a trail for the handicapped compliment the fine trout fishing and canoeing below the dam. A picturesque 18th century grist mill will excite the imaginations of artists and historic buffs alike.

About The Area